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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them."

- Albert Einstein

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Iona, 23, Bristol, UK

I cannot thank Dumitrina enough for our session together.  In just two hours I have been able to get to the route cause of my low self-esteem.  My regressions allowed me the opportunity to re-experience my childhood trauma in a supportive and empowering way.  A lot of emotional pain came up that I was too young to experience at the time.  I was able to unpick the beliefs I learnt about myself and let go of the shame I had harboured for the majority of my life.  The shame I felt has been replaced with strength and compassion. 

I came to Dumi to improve my low self-esteem but I have gained so much more than that.  She is so thorough, it is clear how much she cares about her clients and the belief she has in the therapy. 

Since the session I have religiously been listening to my personalised recording.  I can feel myself resonating more everyday with the confident, brave and abundant individual she describes.  

It goes without saying that I would recommend Dumitrina Galantonu as it really has been a life changing experience for me.  Thank you so much, Dumi!

Helena, 42, Buckingham, UK

I came to Dumitrina as I wanted to stop procrastinating. It always took me a really long time to make even the smallest of decisions. I would consider all the different options and consequences of each decision I was making. It stopped me taking fast action and I knew it was holding me back in life, particularly in my business. I was loosing valuable time, and therefore money. I knew that I was self-sabotaging, but I could not really understand why or how to stop this self-destructive behaviour.

In a single RTT session with Dumi, I was able to understand and get to  the root cause of why I procrastinate and to most importantly, let go of my old thought patterns that were no longer serving me and that were contributing to this self-destructive behaviour.

I have since been able to make decisions without wavering and am moving forwards faster than I ever thought possible in my business and am ready to start a second!

Thank you, Dumi! The session you provided was so enlightening and the transformation is truly life changing.

Ildiko, 42, UK

I had a session with Dumitrina regarding my lack of self-confidence at job interviews.

Dumitrina was really lovely and she made me feel at ease. I would definitely chose her again in the future.

In one session we got to the root cause of my lack of self-confidence at job interviews. By understanding the root cause of my issue we changed that pattern and that changed my way of thinking and my way of feeling about myself for the best. After that one session and by listening daily to the recording made by Dumitrina, my issue has been solved. My self-confidence is growing day by day.

I would recommend RTT as it is a powerful method and it offers a rapid transformation that lasts for a life time.

This transformation had a fantastic impact on me as I feel more confident in every area of my life.

I would definitely recommend Dumitrina because she is a fantastic, skilled and lovely therapist who will change your life.

Carlee, 40, Dubai

I was privileged to have an RTT session with Dumi. Immediately I felt rapport with her and she put me at ease. She is very calm and professional and knew the exact questions to ask to uncover the real issue. After my session I felt an immediate sense of calm as though a weight had been lifted. In the following days , I could really see the results and continue to do so.

I would highly recommend Dumi and would not hesitate to seek her professional skills if needed in the future.

Stephen, 38, USA

I recently went through Rapid Transformational therapy under the guidance of Dumi for alcohol dependence. She listened to me carefully. She helped me to identify patterns and lifestyle choices that were keeping me from the life I truly wanted. I was then able to reflect on alterations to my current patterns of behavior that would be beneficial to me.

In addition to the sessions, Dumi made custom recordings for me that are both relaxing and empowering. With my own desire to be free of alcohol dependence and this program I’ve happily been able to overcome the need to drink.
I would recommend this treatment and Dumi as a therapist.

Liz, 47, Norfolk, UK

Dumitrina is a wonderfully understanding Therapist. I had no idea what would come
up in regression, I had expected things from my more recent past. Lots of tears were
released from childhood scenes which I had long since buried in the recesses of my
mind & the feeling of relief afterwards was amazing, as I realised how I had allowed
them to influence the more recent issues. I found myself smiling towards the end of
the session, as I felt as though a great weight had been lifted from me.

Thank you, Dumi.

Karen, 42, UK

I had a really beneficial session with Dumitrina, she got right to the heart of my belief and I felt so much lighter following our session. No longer having to carry the unnecessary bag with me any more.

Dumitrina is a compassionate and skilled practitioner.

Emilia, 44, Romania

I want to thank Dumitrina Galantonu for the hypnotherapy session she offered to me. 

I loved her manner of organising and focusing on specific details.

I've felt very relaxed after the session; I've been through very deep emotional three scenes from my past.

I want to express my gratitude that she made an impression in my subconscious mind.  Her recording is a great support tool in the change process. 

Thank you very much, Dumitrina.

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